Our success is based on our ability to provide advisors and their clients’ portfolios the best return profile adjusted for risk. Landry Funds are selected by top advisors to enhance their client portfolios returns.

Landry has three long only Equity Funds that are available by prospectus and two long short Equity Funds that are available by Offering Memorandum.

All Landry Funds have a daily NAV and are available on FundServ:

Funds Class Management Fee Trailer (class A only) Minimum Subscription
A F Initial Subsequent
Canadian Equity LDM022 LDM002 1.00% 1.00% $5,000 $1,000
US Equity LDM120 LDM100 1.00% 1.00% $5,000 $1,000
Global Equity LDM123 LDM103 1.00% 1.00% $5,000 $1,000
Global Equity L/S* LDM021 LDM001 1.00% 1.00% $25,000 $1,000
Adaptive Value L/S* N/A LDM007 1.50% N/A $25,000 $1,000

*For accredited investors only: Class A units of L/S Funds are available to any investor that qualifies as an “Accredited Investor” pursuant to Regulation 45-106 respecting Prospectus and Registration Exemptions or otherwise qualify for a prospectus exemption. Class F units of L/S Funds are available to investors through wrap account programs of Canadian financial institutions and dealers that have signed an agreement with the Manager.

A dealer may apply a sales charge from 0% to 5% of the purchase price on all Class A units.