Investment Objective

To provide long term capital growth by taking advantage of the VALMO strategy in the Canadian market, with a momentum tilt.

Investment Strategy

The Canadian stock market is one of the markets in the world where momentum is the most powerful. The Canadian Equity Fund primarily selects securities that have the most momentum among the most liquid securities in the Canadian market and adds value stocks to that selection for portfolio diversification. The portfolio composition may be very different from the index.

Canadian Portfolio Structure    
Benchmark: S&P/TSX Composite    
  Momentum Value
VALMO Composition: 60%-80% 20%-40%
Selection universe: 150 stocks S&P/TSX Composite
Number of stocks in portfolio 15-40 stocks 30-60 stocks
Revision period Monthly Monthly
Maximum regeneration period 3 months 6 months
Turnover 2-4 times a year Around once a year
Maximum by sector None None
Maximum by stock 10% 10%
Seasonal adjustment Yes No