The firm was founded by veteran money manager Jean-Luc Landry in 2002. Landry was created to provide a series of momentum oriented portfolios covering the major global equity markets. At first, the company designed portfolios for Private Clients and Institutions looking for superior long-term equity returns, based exclusively on the relatively new style of investing known as Price Momentum.

During the first eight years of the company, the funds were improved through the addition of several innovations and in 2010 a significant change was made to stock selection models in order to add a value component to the portfolios. The addition of value stocks in the portfolios has the effect of reducing volatility while maintaining a high long term return potential.

In 2012, Benoit Brillon joined the firm as Chief Investment Officer with the objective of strengthening the Value component of the portfolios and to better blend the Value and Momentum factors in the Funds.

Our philosophy

We believe that markets are efficient, which implies that only a small percentage of investors can generate higher long term returns than market indices for a same level of risk.

To outperform in an efficient market a manager must use a proven method, implement it in a disciplined manner while being able to adapt it to changing market conditions.

The globalization of markets has had the effect to increase the correlation between stock markets of different countries. It has therefore become increasingly difficult to diversify international equity portfolios. However, our approach to diversify by return factors (value and momentum) continues to provide a good combination of return and stability.


We operate with the utmost transparency. Our investment strategies require a sophisticated understanding of portfolio structure. Landry Funds use strategies based primarily on quantitative selection criteria that are applied systematically.

Transparency is also ensured through regular communications and meetings with each of our client advisors and through on-line access to our portfolios.

Risk management

It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of a portfolio. It is possible however to reduce it through diversification. Not only are we using asset diversification (equities-bonds) to reduce risk but we also take advantage of the diversification of return factors by primarily focusing portfolios on Value and Momentum factors.